Saturday Programme Code of Conduct Policy

VERSION: September 2021


Saturday Programme Code of Conduct Policy





  • DO follow the HMDT Music policies and procedures for behaviour, first aid and fire incidents. You will be inducted in these at your first pre-term staff meeting. Please make sure you know what to do in any of these situations.
  • DO ensure that you are well prepared and on time for sessions, and that anyone who might need to cover for you is equally well prepared.
  • DO use physical contact with children in a careful and respectful way when required for the activity in which you are involved. Make sure that you let the student know what you are about to do and that they are happy for you to do it before offering physical guidance e.g. positioning the hand on a bow. When in a room on your own with a child, and with no other DBS-checked adult present, please only use physical guidance if absolutely necessary. This is for both the student’s and your protection, so that no actions can be misconstrued.
  • DO report anything that gives you cause for concern to a member of HMDT Music staff.
  • DO NOT give students a lift in your car without permission from the office, even for reasons such as to avoid the rain or to drop a child off on your way home.
  • DO NOT rearrange lessons missed during HMDT Music activities without the knowledge of HMDT Music.
  • DO NOT keep video/photographs of students on your phone. If you decide that it would be useful to video/photograph a student to give feedback on a learning point, please make sure that you then delete the video at the end of the session, in the presence of the student, or once it has been sent to the office in an official capacity.
  • DO NOT use food (e.g. sweets) in classes as rewards – some children may have carefully controlled diets and allergies that might be affected by this.
  • DO NOT use contests between students as a means of achieving academic results.
  • DO NOT allow parents/guardians into classes, and DO NOT manage disputes with parents/guardians yourself. DO contact the office to resolve these kinds of issues.

This code of conduct cannot cover every eventuality, and does not replace the general requirements of the law and common sense. Its purpose is to alert you to some important considerations and to answer some common queries.

If you are unsure about what to do in any given situation, please ASK a member of HMDT Music Staff.




  • Look after property
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Listen
  • Show respect
  • Don’t discriminate
  • Be honest



  • For health and safety reasons, everyone attending the Saturday Programme must sign in and out using the sign in sheets at the front of the building. All Parents/Guardians are responsible to ensure the safe collection and/or transportation of their students to and from the Saturday Programme venue.



  • No one may enter any teaching rooms without permission and without a coach, tutor or member of staff present. This includes all students, parents, carers, siblings and other visitors.
  • All outside facilities should be used in an appropriate and safe manner. Students will not be permitted outside except during break times.
  • No one will be allowed on the school grounds unless they are a registered participant of the Saturday Programme or a sibling accompanied by an adult.



  • No one should touch or move any items in any classrooms unless expressly asked to do so by a member of the tutorial staff. Do not turn computers on.
  • Please treat the property and belongings of Bridge Academy with respect at all times and leave all rooms as you find them.



  • During break times students are not permitted to wander throughout the school or leave the building, and must wait in the refectory room until the start of their next activity. Students in Years 7+ will be permitted to leave the building by parental consent, but will be required to sign out and back in upon their return. Consent Forms may be requested from a member of staff. PLEASE NOTE: that students not adhering to the rules governing permission slip requests may have their privileges revoked. In addition, permission to leave the building may be revoked on an individual basis or for an entire group of students should there be any safety concerns (as determined by HMDT Music) which would warrant this.
  • All food and drink must be consumed either in the refectory or outside and may not be taken into any of the classrooms or upstairs. Please do not drop litter except in waste bins; if you spill something please wipe it up, or ask a member of staff for assistance. The Saturday School does not employ cleaning staff and this is NOT provided by Bridge Academy. This task falls to our staff on site on Saturday, and we would be grateful if you would help them by cleaning up when you are using the Atrium.
  • Parents/carers of students on the Fledglings Foundation Course and ICS! Minis studentsare expected to be present during the Saturday Programme to supervise their children. Occasionally parents and carers wish to leave their children in the care of another adult. In this instance you must ensure that HMDT’s Outreach Manager is made aware of who the adult responsible for your child(ren) is. THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.



  • Parents/carers using the Saturday Programme’s facilities whilst waiting for students MUST take responsibility for supervising any other children in their care (including students’ siblings who have different timetables) and NOT allow them to wander around the building or behave in a disruptive or inappropriate manner.



  • Look after your instrument. Never leave it unattended, never run with it and always carry it in its case. Instruments will be taken away from students who do not look after them.



  • Regular attendance is critical to a musical education. It is not only important to the individual student to maintain consistent learning, but it is also important to understand that in an ensemble situation, each student contributes to the group as a whole, and missing a lesson lets the group down. At the Saturday Programme we try to instil a healthy level of responsibility in each student, so regular attendance is crucial. Students are expected to commit themselves to attending the Saturday Programme every week during term time throughout the year, and to follow up their work with additional home practice. Student attendance and punctuality is monitored and recorded. Students who miss three weeks of lessons during a term will be at risk of losing their place at the Saturday Programme. There are no make-up lessons available.


IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: Bridge Academy is within its rights to ban parents from entering the school grounds, which for some students may jeopardise their ability to attend. Please uphold the code of conduct and remember that the Saturday Programme is lucky to be able to use this venue.